Joe V.


   Patience, oh what a virtue. If you don't have it, get it. It is well worth it. I've known Rich for over ten years and he knows how anal I am about my car. Very, very picky down to the last detail. I trust him and his staff 100% with my car.
   In Feb. I decided to put a supercharger on my car in addition to the other motor work that had already been done. This required a new hood, new modified fuel rail covers, etc. And the paint had to match perfectly.
   Nathan, master mechanical, did an excellent job putting the motor together. There were no leaks or loose screws.
   Thomas, master at super tuning, did an excellent job setting up the engine. It runs like a raped ape.
   Monty, master painter, did his usual excellent job. The flames are incredible.
   Rich, master fabricator, the fuel rail covers are better than anything you could buy. Excellent work.
   I started losing my patience in mid May. But I bit the bullet and let the boys at Corvette Connection work their magic. Upon picking up my car all I could say was X#O! and holy X#O!. This car is a master piece right down to the polished wheel stems.
   If you want your car done right with no worries and excellent care then go see the boys at Corvette Connection. Look up patience in the dictionary. Leave them to their craft and wait for the day when you can pick up your ride. Then smile all the way home. Sweet dreams!
   Remember, way too much horsepower is not quite enough.
   Thanks also to my understanding wife.