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Jims' Dragster 2006

I don't think this guy will ever quite. He has turned into a real "do-it-yourself" kind of Hot Rodder. I must say that he has learned a lot in the last 5 years! Kudos Jim! He has given up the seat of his old dragster and given it to his wife! Jim now is sporting a brand new 2005 Davis Chassis, 4 link mono-shock dragster! You will have to find him at the track for more details. Some of the goodies include wider rear rubber, extra chassis length, bigger engine, MSD 7 series ignition, and lord knows what else.

What we do know is that Tim in our body shop put down a mean coat of paint and graphics on Jims monster. All that I can say is that you have to see this thing in person! These photos just do not do it justice! I keep wondering who will have the first Corvette with this paint technique!

Thanks Tim! Great Job!

Thomas Graf
VP Corvette Connection

P.S. Jim what ever happened to that Nitrous System for 2005?

Be sure for to check out his racer page for new photos and list of components.


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