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Put the power to the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!

Torque Converter

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  The only high stall lock-up street/strip converter with a
3-Year Unlimited horsepower Warranty!
Benefits the competition can't touch!
  • More Consistent ET's
  • No extra transmission cooler is required
  • Pro Street performance with a warrantee!
  • The only Race proven converter that will last on the street!
  • Launches like a race converter with the efficiency of a Clutch!
  "It's like having a five speed automatic!"  

   The Extreme Street TripleLokô Torque Converter Clutch has 386% more surface area then stock Corvettes and Camaros in a 9.5 inch package.
   The torque holding force (assuming the same line pressure) is 2.6 times more than stock.
   Disk surface area on a stock converter is 18.58 square inches.
   A single disk in the Extreme Street TripleLokô is 23.91 square inches. Multiply that by three and you have 71.73 square inches of holding power!
   General stall speeds are available in the 9.5 inch Extreme Street TripleLokô from 2000 RPM to 5000 RPM!*
   The TCC in the Extreme Street TripleLokô can be programmed to apply in 2nd gear during Wide Open Throttle!**
   Cruise at 30 mph at 1500 rpm in 3rd gear with 100% Torque Converter Efficiency! Floor the gas and get all of the benefits of the Race Torque Converter!

   *depends on engine Torque (HP) and the designed " vane angle" of the stator inside the specific converter in question.
   ** Recommended only for the "Extreme Street Transmission" or equivalent.

  Now available for:  
700R4,4L60,4L60E, and 4L80E!
  Extreme transmissions and computer programming also available!
Call for your specific application, options and price!
†  We are not currently selling online

But we will be soon!