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   The Acceleronics VersaFuelerTM (patent pending) simply splices in between your current engine control computer and the big honkin' injectors that your monster motor needs. Splice it in, hook it up to switched 12-volts and ground, and you're on your way to the races.
   The Acceleronics VersaFuelerTM comes complete with all mating connectors crimped to long wires, enabling a wide range of placement options.
   If the wires shown in the picture on the right aren't long enough, you can "stretch" them with solder and heat shrink tubing or crimp-on butt splices. You could stretch them enough to place the VersaFuelerTM in the interior, if desired.
   Note that the Packard Weather-Pack connectors have all been crimped with a GM-spec crimping tool, and are sealed against dust and moisture.

The VersaFueler can be used with batchfire or sequential injection systems

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Acceleronics VersaFuelerTM
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