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Dyno Facility


A Dyno allows us to measure your cars performance in horse power at the rear wheels. How much horse power do you have? Where does your car rank? See our Top HP Rankings. How much performance did those performance products give you? See a video of a Dyno test here.

For years we have used DynoPro's facility to tune our Corvettes. We want to thank Bear for the years of quality service and still view his facility as a first class Dyno shop. However, due to the quantity of custom computer tuning, fighting weather, and ease of having all of our in house resources we have purchased and installed a Dyno of our own.


Our DynoJet 224x is capable of measuring 1500 rear wheel horse power and up to 200 mph. This tool is invaluable to us since it allows us to view the engine, mount test equipment, and monitor things not possible on the street.

Base Dyno tests with Wideband O2. Includes three wide open throttle test pulls with applicable scan equipment and analysis $100.00

Dyno Tuning $125.00 per/hr

Before and after Dyno pulls $150.00

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