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Diagnostic Procedures and Policies


   Corvette Connection & Performance, Inc. is in business so that YOU can have FUN in your Corvette. There are a lot of cheap beat up Corvettes out there that sound like a deal but are money pits. Money pits suck the fun out of owning a Corvette. Before you spend your hard earned money on your dream car, let us check it out. Even if you have already purchased your Corvette, let us help you prioritize any issues that may need to be addressed. We offer a non-biased Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection to help you with your dream.
   We sacrifice our normal hourly rate so that you can gain confidence and understanding about your Corvette. We spend about an hour looking over the entire car, documenting issues that need attention and prioritizing them for you should you decide to purchase it, make it go faster, or simply evaluate it's condition.
   Our Bumper-to-Bumper Inspection is only $25.00!
   Here is an example of what happens when you come in for your Bumper-to-Bumper inspection:

  1. Customer comes in for B&B
  2. Paperwork is filled out and customers concerns are noted.
  3. Technician gets Work Order for B&B
  4. Paperwork is reviewed with Tech, Service Writer & Customer (if possible)
  5. Technician goes to car
  6. Performs outside visual inspection (i.e. - walk around)
    1. Writes down VIN for documentation, Campaign, and Bulletin Search.
  7. Gets into car
    1. Writes down Mileage to get an idea of possible issues for concern.
    2. Checks all accessories (except Alarm)
  8. Drive car down 54th & Back-up
    1. Check Cruise Control operation, Set, Coast, Accel., and Resume.
    2. A/C and Heater functions including mode door operation.
    3. Performance! Does it feel right?
    4. Handling? Loose or tight? Any noise?
    5. Brakes/ABS. Do they work as required? Yes we will set the ABS off!
  9. Car goes on a car lift for visual analysis.
  10. Visual inspection of under hood components & checking of all fluid levels and conditions. Includes Belts, Hoses, & Leaks
  11. Raise car on lift.
  12. Under car inspection includes:
    1. Leak detection and documentation.
    2. Suspension inspection.
    3. Brake Pad Thickness is measured in 32nd of an inch.
  13. Has car been hit or painted? There are many signs of collision that may only be visible from underneath.
  14. Our Technician reviews his/her evaluation with our service writer immediately, while it is fresh in techs mind.
  15. Service writer now has option of bringing customer out to take a look or schedule appointment for work at a later date.
Here is an example of the form that you will receive.
There are four levels of diagnostics that may be required on your vehicle.
Level One
Bumper to Bumper

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Level Two
Basic Diagnostic

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Level Three
Computer Analysis

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Level Four
Advanced Diagnosis

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