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2013 Club Clash

presented by

Corvette Connection

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   Beginning in 2004 Corvette Connection became the proud sponsor of the Club Clash race series at Bandimere Speedway.


   All clubs that wish to be recognized and accumulate points must register their club or team with Bandimere for this series. Participants wanting to collect points for their club or team must register individually with Bandimere and designate their team. We encourage anybody interested in racing to come on out and join the fun. If you have any questions be sure to checkout Bandimere's "Race FAQ" page.
   All vehicles must be inspected and comply to the saftey rules and regulations of Bandimere Speedway and NHRA. Pre-Inspections are available at Corvette Connection (by appointment only), but do not replace the mandatory Tech Inspection performed by Bandimere Speedway. Tech Inspections are available at Bandimere Speedway and can be performed the day of an event.

   If you are interested in running with Corvette Connection's Team give us a call at (303) 298-8388 or drop us an e-mail. Just a reminder. Now is the time to get your cars in and get those modifications done.

   We look forward to seeing you ALL at the track!!!
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2013 Club Clash

   The field WILL be divided into TWO SEPERATE groups:
      "TOP STREET"     10.50 - 13.99
      "HOT ROD"     14.00 and slower

          One "TOP STREET" Club Clash Champion!
          Five "TOP STREET" Club Clash runner-up Trophies
          One "HOT ROD" Club Clash Champion!
          Five "HOT ROD" Club Clash runner-up Trophies
        Five Man - Same as last year. Five man teams can be chosen from
          "TOP STREET" or "HOT ROD" (or combination of the two).
        Full Team - Same as last year. Full Team points are accumulated from
          "TOP STREET" and "HOT ROD" classes for each club.

   The 10.50 seconds and slower rule STILL applies this season! YES!

   Stock full-body coupe cars DO NOT need a roll-bar until they exceed 11.49 and 13.49 for convertibles! WOW!

Club Clash Points

   There are three categories where each club can earn points at Club Clash events. Each individual accumulates points both for the team and themselves. Points accumulation is based upon the number of rounds that each person participates in and the number of wins. Obviously the secret to accumulating points is to have the maximum amount of people participating, and for each person to win as many rounds of competition as possible. The following is a brief explanation of the three categories of points standings:
  1. Full Team Points (Overall Team Participation) – Each person that participates in a round of competition receives points for that round. If they win in that round they accumulate an additional point, and they advance to the next round of competition. This cycle repeats until the individual is either the last remaining competitor for the evening, or loses during a round of competition. The total accumulated points for the evening are added into the total points for the registered team and help to determine our overall team standing. The more people participating for their team, the more points the team accumulates.
  2. Five Man Team Points (Picked Each Club Clash) – A five-man team is designated at each Club Clash for each club by that club prior to the start of eliminations. The five individuals accumulate points based upon their level of success during the elimination rounds that evening. The accumulated points are used to determine position in the Five Man Points standings. The Five Man standings provide a level playing field for the clubs because the points are accumulated according to how well each team does as opposed to how big the team roster is. Five man teams can be chosen from "TOP STREET" or "HOT ROD" (or combination of the two). If you are on the Five Man Team for your club, you still accumulate individual and full team points.
  3. Individual Points (Each Persons Achievements) – Each individual accumulates points based upon how many rounds they complete and how many times they win. The accumulated points determine each person’s individual position in the Club Clash standings in the two time separated divisions.
          "TOP STREET"     10.50 - 13.99
          "HOT ROD"     14.00 and slower

Club Clash Dates and Times

May 3, 2013 -- May 31, 2013 -- June 21, 2013 -- July 5, 2013 -- Aug 2, 2013 -- Sep. 6, 2013 -- Sep. 20, 2013

All Friday Night events:
   The gates open at 3:30PM.
   Time trials start at 3:30PM.
   Eliminations start at 7:00PM.

  This is a very popular Friday night race series so time runs have the following cutoffs:
     Racers entering BEFORE 5:30 pm get TWO time runs
     Racers entering AFTER 5:30 pm get ONE time runs
     Racers entering AFTER 6:30 pm get NO time runs!

Pit Locations and Parking

   According to Bandimere’s rules pit areas cannot be reserved or otherwise saved. However, most clubs are able to pit (park) together. If not, visit with another club! Remember that you must have a Parking Pass to park in the pits.


   We will be offering various prizes and trophies for participants in Club Clash. If you’re a business owner, donation of prizes is an excellent way to promote your business. If you’d like to donate prizes, please e-mail Rich or call him at 303-298-8388.