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Custom Computer Tuning


We offer custom computer programming for 1985 to 2007 Corvettes and Camaros. Dyno Tuning is available at an additional fee. Custom tuning is not for everyone. Older cars can be manipulated mechanically. Large cam combinations and supercharged definitely require custom programs.

There are a lot of different programmers out on the market. Multiple programmers in the same computer are hazardous to your car. We can reprogram your computer back to the latest GM software available.

If you have a recall that requires a re-flash of your computer and you have a custom program, contact us first or you may loose it!


Street tuning simulates everything real world; wind resistance, rotating mass, heat, cold air ram inductions etc! Street tuning allows us to tune everything between idel and wide open throttle. Once street tuning is completed we can put the car on our dyno and tune for ultimite performance.

Stock GM (Tech 2) reprogramming (1997-2007) $100.00
Track Tuning: Call!
Dyno tuning is $125/hr.

2005-2007 Custom Programs with HP Tuner start at $450.00
1997-2004 Custom Flashes with LS1 edit start at $350.00
1994-1996 Custom Flashes Call
1992-1993 Custom Chips $650
1985-1991 Custom Chips $450 to $550

Custom Tuning for a radically altered car or program update is on an hourly basis!

We currently do not offer programs by mail.

Give us a call at 303-298-8388 or e-mail Thomas to set up an appointment.